The master challenge

world of technology,Digitization, creation, robotisation, virtualization, profitability, mastery, surpassing itself is the goal of our universe today
Continually inventing the processes that allow leadership in the field of monopoly and gain,

we often manage to win billions against ideas or equipment
the world of creation, digitization, invention at the service of gain and enrichment
Technology at the service of creation
thousands of inventions flood the space of citizens, domestic robots, industrial robots, drones, hadgets, tablets, we reach the stage of fiction while it is the daily reality

industrial area, offshoring, factories, export, import, creation, finalization, test, presentation, advertising, demonstration to finally lead to sale:
supersonic aircraft priced 50 million, 500 million frigate price, turnkey factory priced 4 billion
The competition is tough between the powerful and the weak are falling every day a little more
The entire grain harvest of a country could hardly pay a military plane or some tanks to dissuade its neighbors
On commence d’abord par de longs test et experiences sur les materiaux a utiliser
Suivant les domaines de leur utilisation, les matériaux sont soumis à des contraintes différentes : allongement longitudinal ; traction,compression,cisaillement,torsion,flexionToutes ces contraintes se retrouvent sur les avions c’est ce qui rend leur prix prohibitif

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