Aquatic dinosaur discovered in Morocco

Aquatic dinosaur discovered in Morocco
A team of researchers has managed to get hold of the remains of the

aquatic dinosaur (plesiosaur) in the region of the Erfoud region

of Morocco, a site under investigation for more than 70 years today.
The first aquatic dinosaur whose skeleton was discovered took place

in Germany in 2013

dinosaure aquatique decouvert au Maroc
Une equipe de chercheurs a réussi de mettre la main sur des restes du dinosaure aquatique (plésiosaure) dans la région la région d’Erfoud au Maroc , site sous proqpection pendant plus de 70 ans aujourd’hui.
Le premier dinosaure aquatique dont le squelette a été découvert eu lieu en Allemagne en 2013

اكتشاف ديناصور مائي في المغرب
تمكن فريق من الباحثين من الحصول على بقايا ديناصور مائي

(plesiosaur) في منطقة أرفود في المغرب ، وهو موقع قيد التحقيق منذ أكثر من 70 عامًا.

أول ديناصور مائي تم اكتشاف هيكله العظمي في ألمانيا في عام 2013

aiktishaf dinasur mayiy fi almaghrib
tamakun fariq min albahithin min alhusul ealaa biqaya diyanasur mayiy (plesiosaur) fi mintaqat ‘arfud fi almaghrib , wahu mawqie qayd altahqiq mundh ‘akthar min 70 eamana.
‘awal dinasur mayiy tama aiktishaf haykalih aleazmii fi ‘almania fi eam 2013

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  1. The skeleton of a water-living dinosaur which is believed to be the largest known predator to ever roam the planet was found in Morocco.

    In a study published Thursday in the Science journal and authored by Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim from the university of Chicago, the 15-meter-long semi-aquatic creature with a crocodile-like skull was according to estimates at least 2m and a half longer than the Tyrannosaurus rex, which until very recently thought to be the largest documented dinosaur that ever lived

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