The Egyptian Army: From Hardware Manufacturing to Economic Recovery
Colonel Abdel Nasser announces the beginning of the Egyptian army to enter the field of military production
And it will start making the first Arab missile
Egyptian military radiation faded after failing to attack Morocco
Within the Algerian-Egyptian-Cuban alliance, the thing that would open the way
In front of the Egyptian military to swallow up the Arab countries – then the Egyptian head of command fell
Algeria is in the grip of the Moroccan army and  Hosni Mubarak  and his officers captured
The defeat of the Egyptian army in front of Israeli strikes before the start of the war
It was precipitated by the end of the great Egyptian army of war
Anwar Sadat assumed the presidency of Egypt and tried to displace some of the army’s delegates over the economy
And rebuilding Egyptian fighting forces, starting from scratch
Anwar Sadat is restarting military factories for military production
It was more than twenty, but its products remain without radiation
In front of the rapid technological superiority of Israel
The Arab alliance with Egypt and Russia’s support enabled the Egyptian army
Despite the enormous sacrifices in lives and gear of some recovering from
His strength and honor in the field, however, are the most accelerating events and international exhaustion
In the region and unwise politics deprived Egypt of recovery
Its position as the greatest and strongest Arab country

The signing of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel at a camp led by a change of the Egyptian Ministry of War to the Ministry of Defense
Most of the senior soldiers involved in the pension paid for the retirement
War against Israel
The evenements continued, and Hosni Mubarak was removed, putting an end to his son’s ambitions to inherit the presidency
A civilian leader appeared after the elections, but was soon overthrown militarily and imprisoned
He died
This came after the signing of an agreement they would name between the Egyptian army and its chief
Sisi, on the one hand, and the US military, on the other hand, sought after Ali
To get American aid – Egypt had what it wanted in exchange
Alkly subject to American penetration and domination
The end of the free military doctrine of the Egyptian army
The door was wide open to enable the military production factories to take over
Ali the country’s economy in all areas
Starting with milk, transportation and import

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