Morocco offshore workforce

Emergence of the elite of Moroccan technicians and engineers thanks to the ofppt

For several decades now, in preparation for the country’s new strategy to provide state-of-the-art technology and reduce unemployment, the State has established qualifying training centers, institutes and higher education schools in addition to dozens of faculties and universities.
The OFPPT perspectives are part of the strategic orientations laid down by the public authorities and are based on structuring economic projects and the national deployment of advanced regionalization.
These training projects of the OFPPT are financed by the State, the own resources of the OFPPT and the revenues of the tax on vocational training and sometimes the funds in the framework of bilateral cooperation.
The purpose of these training programs is to support large ambitious sectoral projects and development projects. In the last 15 years, more than 650,000 young people have been trained and 327 training hours are now available.
These training courses are designed to meet the needs of qualified resources for the benefit of economic operators and thus contribute to the improvement of their competitiveness by ensuring the development of employees. The office ofppt also promotes the employability of young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through degree and / or qualifying courses.

accompany the creation of companies

In addition to its primary mission of training and providing companies with qualified personnel, another equally important mission has been assigned to the OFPPT and consisted in setting up support and assistance the creation of the company. These cells cover virtually the entire national territory. They could be effective by their proximity to the young person who wants to start his business and also by a better knowledge of the field.

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