Industrial zones, free zones and financial centers in Morocco

Industrial zones, free zones and financial centers in Morocco

Free Export Zones are created and delimited by a regulatory act that sets out the nature of the companies that may The development and management of these zones are granted to a body governed by public or private law, this concessionary organization of the free zone also ensures the presentation of investor files for the approval of the Local Free Zones Commission.
Developed and serviced land is made available, upon authorization, to investors for carrying out industrial, commercial and service export activities in the following areas:
– agro-industry;
– the textile and leather industries;
– metallurgical, mechanical, electrical and electronic industries;
– chemical and parachemical industries;
– services related to these activities
etc …
In the vision of consolidating its industrial and commercial policy and optimizing its export capacity to encourage foreign investment, Morocco has adopted preferential regimes that derogate from the common law with regard to foreign trade, exchange regulations and taxation.
In the area of ??customs, investors can benefit from advantages granted by the economic customs regime (RED). These schemes (storage warehouse, free industrial warehouse, temporary admission, etc.) allow the storage, processing, use or circulation of goods suspended or exempt from customs duties. Foreign companies may also have access, on a geographical and sectoral basis, to the advantages offered by the export zone and offshore financial zone schemes. These privileged schemes.

for example: The free zone of Tangier
bonded industrial zone
based on modular lots equipped with 1000 to 20.000 m2
Possibility of acahat or rental with financial organizations
– Possibility of leasing from leasing companies
-Support equipment:

management Center,

offices equipped for rent
storage center,
business restaurants,
Health center
logistics park with International Transport Road, service station and hotel etc.

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