Africa today : the origin of the wound

area and population

area is 30 415 873 km2
covers 6% of the Earth’s surface
26,000 km of odds
population of 1.2 billion

Africa facing the planet

the second most populated continent
The largest desert Sahara in the world with 8.6 million km2
Drylands account for 60% of its land
the largest population growth of the planet
the highest linguistic diversity in the world with nearly 2,000 languages
a thousand ethnic groups

the African report
Africa has 54 sovereign states
First space of appearance of the modern man 200 000 years ago before spreading itself on the rest of the planet.

the misfortune comes from the African statesAfrica is the gold supplier of the West and the Orient
the misfortune comes from the African states rentiers or oligarches which divert the incomes with the detriment of the people , insufficient growth ,mediocre teaching,
terrorism ,
corruption  and general anarchies

Why Africa will never take off?
exploitation of mineral resources have occult aspects
and critical dysfunctions such as the state’s share of mining revenues which is reduced to 20 percent and sometimes less
The profits made by the foreign farmers are enormous, since the wages are miserable the trade union movements quickly repressed with the approval of the leaders. the environmental names not respected to produce cheaply, in countries where they have no qualms, while keeping their security stock, preserving their environment and avoiding social mobilizations.

For companies, Africa is a paradise. Faced with often weak states and decision-makers
corruptible, they get cheap access to uranium in a setting where the standards required for exploitation and social impacts and environmental are low and the follow-up is more than unlikely

Investment agreements between governments and multinationals are rarely publicized
AngloGold (South Africa) Barrikgold (Canada) Newmont mining (usa) produce more than 500 tonnes of gold per year


south africa 300 tons
ghana 75 tons
mali 50 tons
tanzania 50 tons
guinea 15 tons
Zimbabwe 15 tons
A total of 34 African countries produce 600 tonnes of gold per year
a quarter of the world’s production is more than 65 billion annual dollars



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